If ever a word lived up to its meaning, onomatopoeia must surely be that word!

Onomatopoeia – “plop”
Onomatopoeia – “hiss”
Onomatopoeia-ce of cheese (say it again – you’ll get it)

Onomatopoeia – this is a really groovy word! It sounds groovy – like it moves – it’s got rhythm!

Onomatopoeia – “bwahh!”
Onomatopoeia – “rat-a-tat-tat”

Its official meaning is (to quote Mr Collins): “use of a word which imitates the sound it represents…”

Funky. Lives life on the edge. Unpredictable. Can’t be second-guessed – not when he’s spelt like that. And yes – Onomatopoeia is male. Has to be.

Onomatopoeia – “Bam! Splat! Zzzzzzzz.”

I wonder what young Onomatopoeia wanted to be when he grew up?
Onomatopre-schooler may have wanted to be a train. “Whoo-whoo!” Upon reaching primary school, surely the “chopper” of a helicopter must have prodded his ambition.

The onset of onomatopuberty is always confusing.
Onomatopoeia – “Whir, Whiz, Squelch” – all before lunch! Vocational aspirations become quite muddled during this time. Young Onomatopoeia finds himself hovering between a career in Chainsaw (“Buzz”) and the gentler art of Leaf Blowing (“Whoosh”). Thankfully, onomatopuberty passes without leaving too many scars and Onomatopoeia is free to explore the wonders of his destiny.

He will allow readers to hear the words they see and allow writers to pronounce with a pen what they mean to be heard. He will sound wars and peace. He will shout Shakespeare with the touch of a quill. And he will soothe babies by breathing gentle lullabies for their mothers to hum.

The world will turn and pages of countless books will also turn, each one revealing its own truth as the author intended. Truth, given clarity and voice by the simple yet powerful use of Onomatopoeia.

Word of the world.