Demographic targeted marketing for content writing

Targeting the correct demographic with your content writing takes research, focus and lots of practice and editing of your copywriting

  1. Think of your Target Market as one person and address him or her by name. (For this exercise, let’s call her Eunice)
  2.  Get inside Eunice’s head. What’s important to her? What’s her life like every single day? What makes her happy? What makes her sad? What makes her angry?
  3.  Check out her friends. Who does Eunice hang out with and what attracts her to them?
  4.  Now think about a problem Eunice has that will be solved by using your product or service.
    – Does she have arthritis but is wary of doctors?
    – Is she generous to her grandchildren but sometimes has trouble finding the perfect gift?
    Whatever the problem, you have the solution for her – after all, Eunice is your Target Market!
  5.  Before taking this next step, make sure that you’re alone. Close all curtains and turn up the stereo in another room.

Ready? Good.

Because now you’re going to talk to Eunice. That’s right. You’re sitting at your desk and about to have a conversation with … you get the picture …

Now, before you lament that this weird copywriter has lost her marbles and wants you to do the same, take a deep breath and go with it. Remember, Eunice is your target customer and you have the chance to get to know her! Web content writing and editing Practise this with thought and care and she will be your second best (imaginary) friend.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 until you can hear Eunice’s responses. When you can – congratulate yourself on having discovered your Target market’s voice! From now on, every piece of marketing material you produce should sing with that voice and ‘build your business bountifully’.